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If you’re wondering where the restaurant got the name “Sip Saam” from…well, in the Thai language, Sip Saam means “13,” which is unusual to name anything that due to the unlucky connotation associated with it. But that is exactly what inspired the naming. You see, Matt and I (Dave) being the owners, have had to go through a lot to open a restaurant. But despite all the difficulties, we have constantly put forth our best effort to achieve, to not allow bad luck dictate our lives and persevere through whatever it has thrown at us. We work hard, plan and act as best we can to create the space where creativity meets tried and true methods to cook up some of the best Thai food around. In the end, we persevere against the odds and against the numbers (13 or not) to do what we love…Thai Food.

It’s the classic theme of struggling against the odds, to keep trying until you succeed and if that isn’t a great inspiration for a movie, we don’t know what is.

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